As I was feeling very Christmassy I started drawing the yule lads into their designated numbers. Partially because  I can never remember  the order of the fellows and also because I've been wanting to do some numbers for a while and the christmas mood brought these fellas. I only managed to complete 4 of them this year, maybe more will appear next year :)
A little background info: In Iceland there are 13 Santas (Yule lads) that appear one at a time for the thirteen nights before Christmas. Each leaving a little toy/candy/fruit in a child's shoe (if they haven't been annoying brats during the day). If they don't behave they get a potato.  Of course they didn't use to be so nice as to spread toys, they were pranksters that spent their time stealing and disturbing people. They come from a truly messed up home, the family cat eats those that get no new clothes for Christmas and their mother eats children that don't behave. 
Started drawing the 13th one but I doubt I'll have time to finish him before Christmas. He's called Candle-Stealer (Kertasníkir) and as the name implies steals people's candes eat them.  
Þriðji var Stúfur,
Stubburinn sá.
Hann elskaði allar húfur,
og hatta varð að fá. 
This is Stubby (Stúfur), the third Santa. He's very short, most people's favourite yule lad. He likes to wear large headwear or simply lot of it to appear taller. Doesn't work very well though.
5th is supposed to be Pot-Scraper (Pottaskefill) but he didn't feel like doing it this year so Feather Flutterer (Fjaðrafeykja) took his place. About damn time that a girl got to do it. She particularily enjoys throwing/blowing/spreading feathers around so featherfilled pillows are in danger of disappearing when she's around. 
9th is Sausage-Swiper (Bjúgnakrækir). He steals people's sausages ...and likes skating. 
11th is Doorway sniffer (Gáttaþefur). He lurks around smelling people's cooking through their open doorways. 
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