For the exhibition I painted a big S on wall of the Reykjavik Art Museum and placed the book next to it.  
Letterpressed cover
The books were hand-sown. 
Look! My letter!
There is something enchanting about the way a child starts discovering the letters. One letter at a time. In the end it is not only letters that the child sees but words and sentences start forming. Suddenly a whole world has opened up. These few symbols of the alphabet form all the knowledge that can be attained and all the stories that have ever been written.... 
Auðnutittlingur - Common Redpoll
Býflugur og bláber - Bees and blueberries
Fífa - Cotton flower
Glókollur - firecrest
Íslandsfífill - Icelandic hawkweed
Könglar - Tree cones
Lúpína - Lupine
Maríuerla - White wagtail
Oddarfi - flowery weed
Ólúagras - Lady's Bedstraw
Sóley - Buttercup
Valmúi - Icelandic poppy
Xerocomus Subtomentosus - Suade bolete
(no icelandic word starts with an X so here I used a latin name)
Þröstur - Robin
Ætihvönn - Holy Ghost
Ösp - Aspen
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